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In 2009, Gent Fairhead & Co. Ltd submitted plans to build a massive Waste Incinerator on the Rivenhall Airfield site.


This incinerator will burn 595,000 tonnes of non-hazardous waste per year and will lead to an estimated 400 HGV's using the small village rounds around the site. 

There are many reasons why the local villages are against the incinerator. The emissions produced by the processes would travel for miles and harm the health of the citizens in surrounding areas. The pollutants would settle in the soil, which would destroy farmland and animals. The incinerator would also contribute to high levels of noise and light pollution.  

However, as a group, we are focusing on one major issue. The plans show that the incinerator would destroy the remaining structures on the airfield that we are trying to save. A proper assessment of the structures has not been carried out, and so it is not known whether or not the structures should be listed. 

To protect the airfield and once again get the incinerator rejected, we need 2000 objections. To list your objection, please visit the following link:


USAAF / RAF Rivenhall

A former-wartime airfield located in Essex, UK


RAF Rivenhall was also known as USAAF Station AAF-168 (Station Code RL), and it was first inhabited by the USAAF 363rd Fighter Group of the US 9th Air Force.

On the 5th August 1944, the USAAF completely moved out, and the airfield was given to the RAF. The RAF based at Rivenhall participated in Operation Varsity; an airborne assault on the Rhine River in Germany. 

Once the RAF left on the 14th January 1946, the structures were re-inhabited by Polish citizens who had fled from the war and could not return home due to possible persecution. The Polish community lived there until the mid-1950's, as most had returned home due to a Government assisted integration process. Meanwhile, the former Station Headquarters had been transformed into the 'Wayfarers Hostel' for travelling folk by the local Council, although this was closed down. 

In 1956, GEC-Marconi Company Limited leased part of the airfield for radar testing. They used many of the buildings and Hangars to test their new equipment. However, the Marconi left in the mid-1980's and the former airfield has been abandoned ever since. 

The airfield is falling into a serious state of disrepair due to a lack of maintenance. Many buildings have been demolished due to a local quarry. However, may still stand and our group aim to preserve and revive these iconic pieces of British history. 

As a group, we aim to preserve the remaining structures at Rivenhall Airfield. We would like to repair and restore the existing Admin Site and the Airmens Quarters. 

Using photographs and memories obtained from veterans or locals, we aim to remodel the buildings into the way they were during the war - from paint colours to contents. 

Once completed, we aim to open the newly founded museum to the public. This museum can be used for educational purposes, to educate people on the history of our countries' airfields and their importance. The museum will also be a place for veterans to visit and tell their stories to visitors, or to reflect on old times. 

The group aims to make the museum suitable for people of all ages and types, and for families to come and enjoy themselves. 

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